Monthly Archives: January 2013

Week 16

I am: 16 weeks.

You are: approximately 4 and 1/2 inches or the size of an avocado.

I feel: slightly less nausea over all but it is still pretty bad around bed time.

I crave: pancakes.

Your dad: can’t imagine how you are growing so fast since the last time we saw you you were only just over an inch. He checks my tummy every few nights to see what has changed and pokes around trying to guess where you are. I wonder if you feel him and get annoyed.

Looking forward to: knowing whether to call you he or she next week. That is, if you cooperate which so far hasn’t been your thing. We’re cool with that.



I am not bringing you into the world so that you can carry the weight of fulfilling my dreams or of making me happy. You’re being born because the world needs you to be you.

If on your journey to discovering who it is you are called to be you make choices that I disagree with or do things I would never do, I won’t take it personally. You are not an extension of me and your choices are also your own.

You don’t need to be my best friend. You don’t even have to like me all the time. My self worth is not dependent on your opinion of me. But you can know that I will always be the one person you can count on to be supportive. I will always believe in you.

The world is blind to true beauty, it tests confidence, is distrustful of selfless love, and will always question real joy. Shine anyways. All the things that are difficult in this life are the things most true and desirable.

It is likely you will grow up and come to different conclusions about politics and doctrine than your parents. This is okay! In fact, it is probably the way things should work. The pendulum swings, we even each other out and the world needs all kinds of people. This is why more than political ideals and doctrinal stances we hope to impart to you the call of Jesus on your life. If you seek that calling, you can trust the rest will fall into place.

There is great strength in knowing people who are different than you. The world around you, including people you love and respect, will constantly be trying to convince you that some people are worthy of your affection while others are not. Ignore all of them. Every person who draws breath has a part to play in the story God is writing and that makes each of us incredible. Sit down with people who look and think and act differently than you do. Learn the part they are playing in the Story and appreciate them for it.

You are chosen. You are loved. You are wanted. You are perfect. Not just because you are forming inside of my body but because you are being formed by the Creator who has a beautiful purpose for you.