Monthly Archives: February 2013

Heirloom tomato

I am: 19 weeks.

You are: approximately 6 inches from rump to crown or the size of a heirloom tomato. (Which is a pretty silly veggie comparison because heirloom tomatoes come in all different shapes and sizes, just like people!)

I feel: totally over this head cold! Do you feel me sneezing all the time and wonder what’s up?

I crave: steak and cheeseburgers. No sweets. They aren’t doing a thing for me!

Your dad: is really good at making sure I eat and even offers to go after my crazy cravings. The other night he went to the gas station for some fruit punch.

Looking forward to: shopping for some clothes that fit next week because you are doing some serious growing!


Bell pepper

I am: 18 weeks.

You are: approximately 5 1/2 inches or the size of a bell pepper.

I feel: good that I felt a little less nausea when we slept at our new house last night but disappointed that my ankles hurt so bad this morning. We knew it was a possibility my arthritis would flair up but I was hopeful we had managed to avoid it.

I crave: nothing. Food is not my thing right now for some reason. I can hardly eat more than two bites at a time so I’ve been trying to make it worthwhile fruits, veggies and protein shakes when I can!

Your dad: is so sure you’re a boy because of how active you’ve been lately. Last night you graduated from lava bubbling to a few solid jabs but daddy still can’t feel you. Maddie maybe has because she has growled at you when laying next to my tummy.

Looking forward to: painting your room. We picked out a very pale yellow and you will learn when you get older than this was a big step for mommy and her fear of yellow!


I am: 17 weeks.

You are: approximately 5 inches or the size of an turnip

I feel: a little confused about how I managed to lose weight when it feels like I eat constantly and I can see my tummy growing.

I crave: meat.

Your dad: is working super hard to provide for us and get the new house ready.

Looking forward to: moving into our house so that we can start nesting.

Long legs

Well kid, you are apparently predictably long legged and sassy. You’ve continued your uncooperative streak by hanging out in a bizarre position so we will just have to check back in a few weeks to see whether to call you he or she. Keep up the good work.



Let me tell you about your daddy.

Last night while watching the Super Bowl with some friends the conversation turned to a man who doesn’t seem to work long days but still manages to make enough to support his family. After agreeing that we all wish for that and then joking that no one wishes that they can work long hours only to make barely enough money to get by, I knew what was coming next.

“I’d do that for farming.”

Earlier in the day he had said it was past time to order seeds to start. You should see him with his seeds. He can spend hours leaning over soil gently placing them, and then checks them every day, adjusting the heating pad and speaking to them softly. I once wrote about it in a paper for school, dreaming about the day he will one day talk to you in the same soothing tone.

He lives for growing things. For getting his hands dirty. For being part of the ancient cycle of life and death and decay and renewal.

So when the commercial started and the popping sounds of the classic recording of Paul Harvey commercial started and the words “so God made a farmer” came, I watched him as he sat a little straighter. His breathing changed. He settled into it.

I know your daddy. I know that he already whispers to you the way he whispers to his other seeds. I also know that he’s already dreaming of the day he can teach you all about growing things, caring for animals and getting your hands dirty.