Monthly Archives: September 2013

Hey hey baby- you’re 2 months old!


You’ve been out of my tummy for 2 months now but it feels like I’ve always known you. Getting to be your mommy is the coolest thing I’ve experienced. Some people make the mistake of thinking their kids “complete” them. I get the sentiment but baby, you and I, we are both totally complete. Completely loved. Completely known. Completely created. We just get the privilege of being in each other’s lives.

You are still growing up way too fast and showing very little interest in being a tiny baby. The other day I weighed you on the bathroom scale with me and you clocked in at 11.2lbs. You don’t like to be held to close, you want to SEE the world around you. After you are fed and burped I lay you in front of me so you can stare up at me while we talk. And boy do you talk! You can even make a D and T sound.

The other day I laid you on your back in our bed and only looked away for a few moments when you pulled this stunt…

Just in the past week you’ve decided that you don’t like car rides. This is not cool! You scream while I try to get where we are headed as quickly (and safely!) as possible. Hopefully this is just a phase! It isn’t your car seat that you hate, you do great on walks in it. I suspect it is that you can’t see anyone when you are back there.

You’ve been becoming a mommy’s girl. I think you are way too young to be pulling a stunt like this but even Auntie Tonya had a hard time soothing you when I left you for a quick appointment the other day. But she’s a quick thinker and remembered that I sing to you every night and Amazing Grace calmed you right down. You know what you want and like, that’s for sure!


that time you tried to eat your hand…

There are times that you are so excited to eat that you find your hand before I can get you latched. I have to wrestle your hand away from you because you are so enthusiastic. We kept finding what looks like bruises on the back of your wrist and could not figure it out until one day I realized you were leaving marks you were trying to eat there so hard. Silly girl!


My hope is that you learn to not fight so hard in life for something that will never satisfy you. That your hunger will not lead you to become bruised and disoriented but instead that you will be filled to overflowing with the fullness of God. That you will come to know how wide and long and high and deep you are loved, so much that it is more than any of us can understand.

The writer Ann Voskamp is always praying that her children will not climb ladders but learn to go lower. I pray this for you. That you will go deeper into His glorious riches, and not get lost in chasing success here on earth.

I pray that you will have enough frustration that reminds you that we don’t belong to this reality and deep satisfaction when you are aware of the role you play in the Kingdom.

May you always be comfortable being a work in progress and always know you are loved exactly where you are.

Because baby, the world will offer you a lot of counterfeits. Things and ideas that will seem right at the time but that will leave you unfulfilled. Don’t settle for the lies. Press on. Always keep searching for the real deal.


That time you taught me to be still…

You’re seven weeks old and still growing up way to fast! The other night we went back to the birth center for a follow up appointment (mommy and baby both are great) and I held you on the scale with me-you’re 10lbs already. Your little thighs are filling out and we still lovingly refer to you as the Buddha burrito because of your awesome tummy. You eat pretty much any chance you get and the other day Grandma Nisly have you a bottle with 3.5oz and you finished it like a champ and still wanted more.

Seriously kiddo, slllllllow down. You’re teaching me that art so why don’t you practice what you preach little missy? I recently rediscovered Jónsi and Alex’s Riceboy Sleeps album when I wanted some soothing to play for you while we went out on a drive. Usually canned music isn’t your thing and I have to sing for you to focus but you seemed to really dig this stuff. The music is slow. Exceptionally slow. Like a barely flowing stream. It progresses but it’s almost like you can’t perceive it happening. I found myself wanting to put the radio on at first because I got tired of waiting around for it to get somewhere. That’s when I realized how long it had been since I had taken it in. It used to be one of my favorite albums. Now I’m not used to the patience it takes to soak it in. But I made myself keep it on, made myself slow down and let it progress at it’s own pace. Driving and listening to it put you to sleep and made me take some deep breaths. So thanks for that.

We spend most evenings in your room on the rocking chair. You eat off and on until you finally settle to sleep. Some nights you are fussy, some nights you smile and talk to us. But you stay much calmer if we hang out in there in your happy place. I know you’re not officially supposed to be babbling, just cooing but considering the amount of sounds you make including consonants, I’d say it’s safe to say you’ve passed that milestone. Every night Daddy tries to get you to say “daddy”. Sometimes you sound ridiculously close to it! I’m fine with his one sided lessons (okay, he occasionally says mommy too). What he doesn’t know is that if you’re first word is daddy then that’s who you will call for in the middle of the night. 🙂

We decided to try putting you back in your sleeper instead of your crib but in your room this time. Ever since then you’ve been sleeping for 6-7 hour stretches! We think this is because you’ve had some reflux that was waking you up when you lay flat. We’d prop your crib mattress up but since you’re so good at rolling I’m afraid you’d always end up on the bottom end of your crib.