that time you tried to eat your hand…

There are times that you are so excited to eat that you find your hand before I can get you latched. I have to wrestle your hand away from you because you are so enthusiastic. We kept finding what looks like bruises on the back of your wrist and could not figure it out until one day I realized you were leaving marks you were trying to eat there so hard. Silly girl!


My hope is that you learn to not fight so hard in life for something that will never satisfy you. That your hunger will not lead you to become bruised and disoriented but instead that you will be filled to overflowing with the fullness of God. That you will come to know how wide and long and high and deep you are loved, so much that it is more than any of us can understand.

The writer Ann Voskamp is always praying that her children will not climb ladders but learn to go lower. I pray this for you. That you will go deeper into His glorious riches, and not get lost in chasing success here on earth.

I pray that you will have enough frustration that reminds you that we don’t belong to this reality and deep satisfaction when you are aware of the role you play in the Kingdom.

May you always be comfortable being a work in progress and always know you are loved exactly where you are.

Because baby, the world will offer you a lot of counterfeits. Things and ideas that will seem right at the time but that will leave you unfulfilled. Don’t settle for the lies. Press on. Always keep searching for the real deal.



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