Hey hey baby- you’re 2 months old!


You’ve been out of my tummy for 2 months now but it feels like I’ve always known you. Getting to be your mommy is the coolest thing I’ve experienced. Some people make the mistake of thinking their kids “complete” them. I get the sentiment but baby, you and I, we are both totally complete. Completely loved. Completely known. Completely created. We just get the privilege of being in each other’s lives.

You are still growing up way too fast and showing very little interest in being a tiny baby. The other day I weighed you on the bathroom scale with me and you clocked in at 11.2lbs. You don’t like to be held to close, you want to SEE the world around you. After you are fed and burped I lay you in front of me so you can stare up at me while we talk. And boy do you talk! You can even make a D and T sound.

The other day I laid you on your back in our bed and only looked away for a few moments when you pulled this stunt…

Just in the past week you’ve decided that you don’t like car rides. This is not cool! You scream while I try to get where we are headed as quickly (and safely!) as possible. Hopefully this is just a phase! It isn’t your car seat that you hate, you do great on walks in it. I suspect it is that you can’t see anyone when you are back there.

You’ve been becoming a mommy’s girl. I think you are way too young to be pulling a stunt like this but even Auntie Tonya had a hard time soothing you when I left you for a quick appointment the other day. But she’s a quick thinker and remembered that I sing to you every night and Amazing Grace calmed you right down. You know what you want and like, that’s for sure!


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