Monthly Archives: October 2013

that time you laughed at mommy…

Mommy hasn’t been very good at updating this month!

You had your 2 month doctor’s appointment and clocked in at 11lbs 7oz and 25 inches. That put you in the 50-75 percentile on weight and 95 percent on height. Go figure! I just weighed you with me tonight and you’re getting pretty close to 12 lbs.

You have become such a happy baby these last couple of weeks. Mostly I think you are feeling better now that I cut dairy out if my diet. You’ve gotten over your angry car rides for the most part too. You generally take pretty decent morning and afternoon naps and a short nap at lunch and after dinner. You were sleeping up to 9 hours at a time at night but lately it’s been more in the 5-7 hour range.

You still love bath time and love watching the trees go by when we go on walks. You still try to talk to us all the time and have started doing it for other people some too. You love to blow bubbles and I’ve started putting bibs on you because otherwise you drench your outfits.


You’ve started trying to put everything in your mouth and love playing with your wood teething toy. We got you an amber necklace to wear and went ahead and put it on you now instead of waiting for teething to officially start.


You hate when mommy sneezes but love when we blow in your face or beat box for you.

Last weekend Mommy was gone for your whole night time routine but you and Daddy handled it like champs. It takes you a little bit to figure out the bottle but you’ll be getting some more practice soon.

Tonight you were looking at mommy like you thought I was ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I make the same face. Mommy and daddy both started laughing at you and you looked at us and laughed too!