Tres months!


Mommy is a little bit late wishing you a happy 3 months! In general, since your arrival earth side, I’ve been more organized than ever before. It’s just getting around to blogging that I’m not so good at. I don’t think I ever imagined the personality changes in myself I’d discover after your birth. Even on bad days when you need extra attention, I still manage to get more done than I did before.

So you’re three months old! We’ve really settled into our groove now…as long as mommy doesn’t eat anything with dairy in it. Then there goes our routine out the window and happy baby with it. When I’m dairy free you sleep from about 9-6am, are up to eat and get a diaper change and then put yourself back down for a morning nap until around 9/10:30am. It’s pretty awesome because now mommy ends up with 8 hours of sleep and gets a few things done in the morning. When you get up from nap you are usually very happy and we’ve been doing play time on the floor. Mommy has been working hard to teach you to learn how to entertain yourself. We aren’t into noisy light up toys. Daddy and I want you to learn to use your imagination without needing constant distractions. Right now we are working on building you a mobile for playing with on the floor. Daddy is building the frame with wood and between mommy, Aunt Annette and Grandma Nisly we will come up with some hand made toys to hang from it.

After lunch time you go down for another nap. Some days you sleep over three hours, some days only an hour. A lot of times you wake up exactly 45 minutes after going to sleep and mommy works hard to get you back to sleep.

Over the past couple of weeks you’ve started using a funny cry sometimes and lately it has become your hungry cry. The really interesting this is that you say “ahhhgeeee” over and over and it sort of sounds like hungry.

A couple of weeks ago daddy was changing your diaper and you grabbed on to his fingers. He pulled his hands up and you held on and suddenly you were standing! He thought it was really funny so he tried it again and you did the same thing. He called me in to show me and you kept doing it, every time. Now you think standing up is the best thing ever and you try to do it constantly. Every time we reach to pick you up you stick your legs straight out and stiffen them. This is sort of inconvenient when trying to dress you or get you out of your car seat. You are so determined!

You are totally laughing now, especially when daddy does silly things. You live it when he makes you fly through the air. He thinks it’s great that you make your own airplane noise, out your tush!

Trees have continued to be your favorite thing. When we go on a walk you squeal with delight as we go under them.



You were the cutest little lamb for Halloween ever!

And (mostly) cooperated for your 3 month photo shoot…

20131111-181642.jpg<br /



Baby girl, I pray you will “learn to ask the questions that have no answers. Invest in the millenium. Plant sequoias.
Say that your main crop is the forest
that you did not plant,
that you will not live to harvest.” – Wendell Berry


2 thoughts on “Tres months!

  1. Oh my gosh! Robot diaper! I’m so jealous. Your girl is adorable. Actually, your whole entire family is adorable 🙂 And I like your blog 🙂

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