Monthly Archives: December 2013

You’re a third of a year old!


Happy Happy 4 months! What a big girl you are. You haven’t slowed down with your amazing feats and ridiculous need to grow up too fast. You stand up all the time and even lift yourself up from sitting if mommy’s hands are in front of you. You’re getting a lot closer to figuring out how to scoot around on your stomach but it still makes you pretty frustrated when we do tummy time. You still love trees and love that now we have a tree INSIDE our house covered with lights.

Speaking of lights…. we celebrated Christmas with daddy’s family on Thanksgiving. Merry first Christmas baby!


You got to open, or watch mommy open, too many presents for such a little girl! You are spoiled by your aunts and uncles and grandparents. You got toys and clothes and your aunt Annette made you some bibs and a cool book (and lots of other things)


Every day is so much fun to watch you experience life and learn new things. I miss you being a tiny baby already but I wouldn’t hold you back for the world. You’re meant to do amazing things and mommy and daddy can’t wait to see the awesome kid you become.


I pray every night that grace and peace will be yours in abundance.